Hey, I’m DanCodes,
an 18 year old Developer based in England. Computer science is my passion and I love being able to solve problems with programming.

Hi I'm Dan. I am a full stack developer working mainly with the MERN/MEVN stack. I am currently learning Rust to increase my skills in algorithms and applications outside of websites. I started coding in August 2018 when I used the discord.js library to make a Bot I now call Mr. Bank and I expanded from there. I originally programmed this static website in HTML, JS and CSS but it has evolved to Vue and eventually Nuxtjs. Coding is my passion and I hope to continue it throughout my life.

I have used VSCode since the start of my coding adventure and I will probably continue using it. I am fluent in using it to code and I wouldn't use anything else.
I am fluent in using git and github to opensource code with pull requests, commiting and everything in between. All my code is on github may it be public or private.
Since I first used adobe products I have loved it and I use them all the time for logos and ui design. I am proficient at Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and InDesign.
Google Suite
I use Google products all of the time may it be Google Docs to draft a project proposal or to share photos and email. I am proficient in Slides, Drive, Gmail, Docs, Forms etc.
Command Line
I use bash in terminal on my laptop or on my VPS. I know a range of commands from ls to rm and how to manage a server. I am also quite experienced in using cmd on windows.
Microsoft Office
I am also very experienced in Microsoft Office products such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. I have used all of these before and I can proficiently use them.
March 2020
Tomalex has been one of my favourite websites I've made so far. For this site I used Vue and Vue-Router to create a multi-page website. It employs a lot of seo optimization techniques along with lazy loading and image compression.
June 2019
For Jim Wyatt I created a main page to display his publications using modern technology to map them out for him. We worked together to get this website live and it was fun to experiment with Javascript.
March 2019
This project was for BiVieh. He needed a website for his coding tutorials. I worked with him to make pages and html templates for all his tutorials.
2022 -
BSc Computer Science
2016 – 2022
International School
IB Diploma Program along with High School Diploma
2018 – Present
Dan-Divy - Co-Founded
Dan-Divy was an organization founded on github by me and Divy Srivastava for all the projects we had done together. Here resides Spruce, Intellect and Git-Chat. We are both students so we work well together. Dan-Divy was a way for us to work on projects together under the D&D name.
2019 – Present
ProLang - Co-Founded
ProLang is an organization I co-founded with two coder friends for projects we create together. We have been working on projects such as Hex and ProLang-tutorials to teach code languages. We collectively know JavaScript, C++, Java, HTML, CSS and Python.
2020 – 2021
Pontifex Tech was a company I came across when I was looking for hosting options. They were founded by a group of young coders such as me and noticed many places I could optimize their services.

For a more updated list of projects I'm working on, check out my Github

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