Hey, I’m DanCodes,
I have 5 years of experience in programming and creating websites and apps with various technologies. I’m passionate about open source development and learning new skills. I enjoy working with JavaScript/TypeScript, Rust, Python and Java with technologies such as Node, React, Nuxt, Mongo, Cloudflare and more.

Hey I'm Dan, otherwise known online as DanCodes. I'm a full stack developer and have been coding for over 5 years now. I have been coding since I was young and I love creating websites and apps that are fast, responsive and user-friendly. I have worked with various clients and organizations, both locally and internationally, to deliver high-quality products that meet their needs and expectations.

I’m also very passionate about open source development and contributing to the community. I have several projects on my GitHub that showcase my skills and interests, such as JWTRust, a NodeJS package that signs and verifies JWT tokens using Rust bindings for performance, Parrot, a linux desktop app written in Tauri to manage installed applications in Arch and Josh, a powerful database wrapper.




Created a user-friendly platform where users can upload acapella tracks and convert them into voices usually famous people using artificial intelligence.

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  • Solely led the swift two-week development of a feature-rich web app, enabling users to upload audio and leverage AI for voice conversion, including the creation of a system for vocal replication.
  • Implemented robust security measures using Snyk, Sentry, and CI/CD pipelines with Docker deployments, ensuring a secure and efficient development and deployment process.
  • Contributed actively to strategic decisions as a core team member, advising co-founders on both technical and non-technical aspects of the site's development and direction.
  • Managed the setup of essential tools such as Google Workspace, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console, enhancing team communication, performance monitoring, and search engine optimization.
  • Meticulously optimized the website for search engines using tools like Lighthouse analytics and real-world web vitals, aiming to improve visibility and performance in search engine rankings.
  • Created a user-friendly platform where users can upload acapella tracks and convert them into voices usually famous people using artificial intelligence.
  • Utilized NuxtJS, Python with Torch on RunPod, and TypeScript for frontend, AI, and backend development respectively.
  • Integrated Firebase for user authentication, Stripe for payment transactions, Strapi for administration and Cloudflare R2 for storage.
  • Achieved rapid user growth with over 20,000 users within a month, facilitating more than 40,000 successful conversions and 150+ voices
  • Created a robust website in Vue with CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap.
  • Deployed to Netlify using GitHub version control and Cloudflare for analytics and security.
  • Employed i18n for multiple language support along with VueX to enable site-wide translation.
  • Rebuilt the website using Nuxtjs and optimized SEO to decrease the bounce rate and increase the SERP search position from 30th to 1st.
  • Migrated hosting to static Netlify and Cloudflare systems to enhance website load speed.
  • Integrated systems status with website alerting.
  • Designed a website with a Strapi headless CMS using Nuxtjs and advanced performance techniques.
  • Deployed on Virtual Private Server (VPS) using NGINX and Cloudflare using GitHub for version control Assisted in training users on the Strapi platform in order to facilitate ease of use.
  • Facilitated the publishing of up to 60 posts on the website.
  • Built a static website with home, tutorials and contact pages employing SEO techniques and size optimisations to provide a responsive and fast experience.
  • Used CSS animations, Bootstrap framework and jQuery to provide site functionality.
Dan-Divy - Co-Founder
Dan-Divy was an organization founded on GitHub by me and Divy Srivastava for all the projects we had done together. Here resides Spruce, Intellect and Git-Chat. We are both students so we work well together. Dan-Divy was a way for us to work on projects together under the D&D name.
ProLang - Co-Founder
ProLang is an organization I co-founded with two friends. The goal was to work on projects such as Hex and ProLang-tutorials to teach code languages. Collectively we knew JavaScript, C++, Java, HTML, CSS and Python.
Pontifex Tech - Software Developer
Pontifex Tech was a company I came across when I was looking for hosting options. They were founded by a group of young coders such as me and noticed many places I could optimize their services.
Throughout my coding journey, I have relied on Visual Studio Code (VSCode) as my primary development tool. From the very beginning, I embraced this powerful platform and have since become exceptionally proficient in utilizing its features. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, I wholeheartedly endorse VSCode as my preferred code editor, and I am dedicated to its continuous usage in my future endeavors.
Proficiency in utilizing Git and GitHub has been an integral part of my workflow, enabling me to seamlessly contribute to the open-source community. With a deep understanding of version control systems, I have successfully leveraged Git's capabilities to manage my codebase effectively. From creating branches and committing changes to submitting pull requests, I am well-versed in the entire development lifecycle.
Ever since my initial encounter with Adobe's suite of products, I have developed a deep affinity for their creative tools, which have become an indispensable part of my design workflow. With a keen focus on logo design and UI development, I rely heavily on the expertise I have cultivated in software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and InDesign.
Google Suite
I frequently utilize Google products, including Docs, Slides, Drive, Gmail, and Forms, for various professional tasks such as drafting proposals, creating presentations, managing files, and facilitating communication. Proficiency in these tools allows me to maximize productivity and collaboration in my daily workflow.
Command Line Interface
I possess extensive experience in utilizing the Bash command-line interface for both personal and cloud environments, as well as proficiency in using CMD on Windows systems. My expertise encompasses a wide range of commands and server management techniques, enabling efficient administration and task execution.
Microsoft Office
I have acquired significant expertise in Microsoft Office products, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Through extensive usage, I have developed a high level of proficiency in effectively utilizing these applications.


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